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Springtime Home Maintenance

You know spring has sprung when you have the desire to do some spring cleaning! Spring is also a great time of the year to take care of home maintenance items that will help keep your home in great condition. Utilize the list below to keep both the structure and mechanical parts of your home in tip top shape.

  • Air Conditioning
    Have your a/c unit serviced by licensed professional annually.
  • Filters and vents
    Change or clean a/c filter monthly. Clean dryer duct and exhaust vents in laundry and bathrooms and over stove.
  • Doors and Windows
    Seal drafty doors and windows.
  • Rain Gutters
    Clean out rain gutters and down spouts with power washer.
  • Safety Equipment
    Check or replace multi-purpose fire extinguishers and batteries for smoke detectors. 
  • Fireplace
    Have cleaned and checked for cracks.
  • Drainage
    Make sure water drains away from the foundation of your home. You should have several inches of space between the bottom of your siding or stucco and soil, exposing a few inches of your foundation.
  • Fencing
    Ensure that fence planks are secure to protect animals and children from getting in our out of yard. Also make sure that fencing around pool is secure.
  • Roofing
    Check attic for signs of roof leaks and check condition of roof.
  • Light Bulbs
    Make sure the light fixtures inside and on the exterior of your home all have the correct wattage.
  • Exterior Lighting
    Consider installing a lighting protection system on your home.
  • Fascia and Trim
    Check the fascia and trim for deterioration.
  • Attic
    Check for pests and animals, proper ventilation and insulation. Consider installing an attic fan to save on cooling costs.
  • Firewood
    Remove firewood stored near the home. Firewood should be stored at least 18 inches off the ground at least 2 feet from the structure.

Please contact me if you need a reference for a professional who can assist you with maintaining your home. I have preferred vendors who service Visalia, Tulare, Exeter, and the surrounding areas in Tulare County.

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Tax Credits for Home Improvements

As we enter into the tax season it is a great time to make plans on how to save on taxes for 2010. You may want to use your tax refund to make home improvements that you will receive tax credits for, in addition to saving money in your monthly budget. Here are some improvements you may want to consider. Feel free to contact me if you need suggestions for reputable vendors.

Tax Credits for Solar Water Heaters

A federal tax credit makes energy-efficient solar water heaters a more affordable and sustainable option for many homeowners. Read


    Tax Credits for Replacing Heating and Cooling Systems

    Upgrading to an energy-efficient heating and cooling system can save hundreds on your utility bills and earn you a tax credit worth as much as $1,500. Read

  • Tax Credits for Replacing Your Roof

    Replacing your roof with a qualifying energy-efficient metal or asphalt roof can cut your cooling bill and earn you a $1,500 tax credit. Read

  • Tax Credits for Adding or Replacing Insulation

    A federal tax credit makes adding insulation an even cheaper way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and cut your heating and cooling bills. Read

  • Tax Credits for Replacing Windows, Doors, and Skylights

    If money seems to be escaping through drafty windows, doors, and skylights, this federal tax credit might make energy-efficient replacements more affordable. Read


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    Saving Energy = Saving Money = Good Idea

       The government is expected to unveil a new program in the next
       couple of months that, if approved, may reimburse homeowners for
       up to half the cost of making their homes more efficient. Through the
       program, homeowners will receive the largest return from simple
       upgrades like caulking windows, adding insulation, and changing
       incandescent light bulbs to those that are more energy-efficient.

       To determine which energy-efficiency upgrades are best for their
       house, homeowners should obtain a energy audit. Homeowners are
       advised to hire a contractor licensed by the Building Performance
       Institute or the Residential Industry Services Network. These
       contractors have been trained to first test a home to determine the
       amount of energy it is losing, and then make suggestions or