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Tax Credits for Home Improvements

As we enter into the tax season it is a great time to make plans on how to save on taxes for 2010. You may want to use your tax refund to make home improvements that you will receive tax credits for, in addition to saving money in your monthly budget. Here are some improvements you may want to consider. Feel free to contact me if you need suggestions for reputable vendors.

Tax Credits for Solar Water Heaters

A federal tax credit makes energy-efficient solar water heaters a more affordable and sustainable option for many homeowners. Read


    Tax Credits for Replacing Heating and Cooling Systems

    Upgrading to an energy-efficient heating and cooling system can save hundreds on your utility bills and earn you a tax credit worth as much as $1,500. Read

  • Tax Credits for Replacing Your Roof

    Replacing your roof with a qualifying energy-efficient metal or asphalt roof can cut your cooling bill and earn you a $1,500 tax credit. Read

  • Tax Credits for Adding or Replacing Insulation

    A federal tax credit makes adding insulation an even cheaper way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and cut your heating and cooling bills. Read

  • Tax Credits for Replacing Windows, Doors, and Skylights

    If money seems to be escaping through drafty windows, doors, and skylights, this federal tax credit might make energy-efficient replacements more affordable. Read