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Documentation Checklist for Pre-Approval Appointment

Here is a handy checklist for you to use as you gather the documentation you need for your Pre-Approval appointment with your lender. Additional documentation may be requested by the lender throughout the loan process.

1.      One month's most recent pay check stubs with year-to-date earnings

2.      Two month's most recent bank statements on all accounts (checking, 
         savings, retirement...) Include all pages - even the blank ones

3.      W-2's for the past two years

4.      Tax returns for the past two years 

5.      Current and previous employers' addresses

6.      Current and previous landlords' addresses

7.      Divorce decree/disillusion of marriage and agreement, if applicable

9.      DD214, if you are a veteran who was discharged and you are applying for a VA loan

10.    Statement of Service, if you are in service and applying for a VA loan

11.    Bankruptcy documentation including discharge date, if applicable

12.    Information and documentation regarding a past loan modification or short sale, if applicable 

12.    Driver's license

13.    Social Security Card

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