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What To Consider Before Building a New Home 

By Natalie Sweeney


    Building a home isn't for the faint hearted. Having a trusted
    professional in your corner can ease some of the stresses
    you may experience along the way. 
Many people do not
    know that the agents working at a subdivision work for the
    seller/builder only and do not represent you, the buyer, and
    your interests. Since you will pay no more for your new home
    when you have an outside REALTOR®, why not have someone
    representing you and your interests? The builder pays the
    commission, so it will not cost you a dime, literally, to have
    someone who may save you thousands of dollars in return.

    Natalie Sweeney is the New Home Specialist who can best
    help you with your purchase of a new home. Her years of 
     experience in the real estate industry include years spent
    working for two builders, Ennis Homes and Centex Homes.
not only knows the ins and outs of the process, but
    knows what questions to 
ask and is familiar with the various
    builders and their products. Natalie will assist you 
with the
    many choices along the way by making sure you have the
    information you need to make the decisions that are best for
    you and your family.

    Don't just take our word for it. "EXCELLENT" is the word 100%
    of Natalie's homebuyers used to describe her while she worked
    for Centex Homes. Natalie received special honors and awards
    for getting a rating of EXCELLENT (the highest rating possible)
in Customer Satisfaction 100% of the time, as surveyed by The Walker Group, a National
Independent Survey Corporation.

Contact Natalie for information about various neighborhoods and builders and to find out how she can assist you. Please note that most builders have a policy that if you are going to have separate representation, your REALTOR® needs to be with you when you first visit their neighborhood.  



  • Most new neighborhoods are near other newer neighborhoods or undeveloped property, rather than near unkempt or rundown neighborhoods.
  • Most new developments are usually located near major thoroughfares for easy commuting.
  • Many neighborhoods are working hand in hand with the City of Visalia to create treelined streets, as well as neighborhood parks and greenbelts.  
  • Often block walls with attractive landscaping enclose new neighborhoods, and the streets are designed to have very little through traffic.


  • Various architectural designs. 
  • A variety of floor plans. 
  • Almost endless options and amenities.
  • Coordinated colors, fabrics, textures. 
  • Professional assistance at design center. 


  • Builders must follow the most recent codes and requirements for energy efficiency.
  • Appliances are the latest in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Spectrally selective windows keep the heat and cold out, keeping you comfortable while saving you money on your utility bills.
  • Higher AC seer requirements and tankless water heaters run more efficiently, saving you money on your monthly utility bills.


  • Builders offer you a one-year or two-year "Fit and Finish Warranty."
  • Senate Bill 800, known as the "Right to Repair Act," applies to new homes. It is designed to give the builder the right to repair (thus avoiding lawsuits) and the consumer a speedier and more accurate resolution to any issues that may arise.
  • Some builders opt to be an SB800 builder, which gives the buyer even more benefits, including a 10-year policy of coverage that stays with the home, even after it is sold.


  • New homes need fewer repairs; the "big ticket items" are not issues for years to come.
  • Builders often offer large incentives that can be used toward a price discount, upgrades, or closing costs.
  • Often new homes increase in value at a greater rate than existing homes. 
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