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Natalie's Buyers, Sellers, Investors, and Industry Professionals Say It Best


"Since we started working with Natalie, she demonstrated her efficiency, honesty, trustworthiness, and persistence. She got the job done. Natalie was always there for us. She is very dependable and went beyond our expectations. We were lucky to have her on our side. We recommend her one hundred percent to anyone. Natalie is a great person and very caring. We are very grateful to her for all her help. Thank you so much, Natalie."
- Dr. Julius and Jovita Metts 

"Natalie...Wow, it was a long road! But a great one and it turned out very successful! Thank you Natalie, for your patience with me... for your time... for being so thorough and efficient... sooo up-to-date and knowledgeable, and so dependable. Thank you for being a wonderful client advocate. Thank you for guiding me through this whole home-buying process. I couldn't have done it without you. Natalie, thank you.

I absolutely LOVE the home. It was exactly what I wanted. It's a huge new addition/responsibility to my life... but has already contributed to my independence! And desire to entertain! So much fun! Thank you Natalie - you are a blessing."
-Sincerely, Katrina Anker

"It was great working with Natalie when buying my first home. She was with me every step of the way...even to sign the loan documents! Natalie worked hard to find me the best home within my budget and was very successful. I would recommend her to any of my family and friends."
-Tiffani Gravito - another satisfied customer :)

"If you are looking for a Realtor who will LISTEN to what you want in a new home and CARES about you, look no further - Natalie Sweeney will take you through every step of the process and help you get the home you are looking for. She handles all the details and makes sure that all the paperwork, inspections, etc. are handled correctly and quickly. Purchasing a home is a huge undertaking, but Natalie made it a very easy and pleasant experience for me. I am very happy with my new home and appreciate all that Natalie has done for me." 
-Carol Pitts

"...From start to finish, Natalie is a 10! She is very informative and answered every question we asked. Natalie would fit in as many houses as we could possibly see in a day, and was always very patient with our work schedule. During a meeting with her we find an ad in the paper with very vague detail about the house. Within no time she had everything ready for us to view. It was the perfect starter home! She got us in (even with little set backs on our part) the house within a month and we could never be more grateful for all her hard work and dedication to us.  

Natalie, we appreciate everything you did and do for us. You are a wonderful person, a wonderful agent, and now a wonderful friend. God has really blessed us and we can't thank you enough. We will definitely be calling you when it's time to expand with our family!!"
-Elias and Courtnie Martinez 

"If you have ever had a difficult escrow, then you know how frustrating they can be. When buying our foreclosure we ran into all sorts of problems. From underwriting to bank issues, we saw it all. However, Natalie was always there to help and keep us from losing our minds. She is an honest and diligent representative and we would greatly enjoy working with her again."
-Sincerely, Daniel Mansergh and Ramona Crespo

"Last November my husband and I were in a position where we needed to buy a house - and fast! Natalie was the first person I called because I had heard so many wonderful things about her. She gave complete and full attention to my husband and I, and understood our time sensitive situation. I can remember her working with me until 10:00 at night, trying to decide which houses were a priority to look at and what to seriously consider. The first few days of looking, we looked at a home that was at the higher end of our price range and that needed a lot work. Natalie was completely honest with me in saying that she felt it wasn't the best direction to go in. She then suggested a house that she had in mind and it was PERFECT. It was well within our price range, and the previous owners had went through the home and replaced the roof, a/c, carpet and paint. She was always there to take my calls when I had questions, and introduced me to a wonderful loan officer. What could have been a very stressful time for my husband and I turned into an exciting and pleasant experience. I would recommend Natalie to anyone that needed a Realtor. She will make sure you understand everything that is placed in front of you, and she will try and help you do what is best in a very confusing market. You will not find a more honest, knowledgeable, and sweet person."
-Josh and Landi Paul 

"Natalie - I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did. You went far above anything we could of ever expected. I knew when you read that letter you wrote for us that we would get the house. You're the best!! I hope The Lord blesses you in all you do. Its truly been a pleasure meeting you. THANK YOU..
-Ken and Nattalie Swanson

"Dear Natalie, I'm so honored Natalie that you helped me secure my great lot and build my new home. You have been with me every step of the way. Your integrity and hard work as a Realtor shows what loyalty you have for your customers. You often went the extra mile to check on the construction and make sure every detail was in place. Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience and such a fun project. Thank you for all the pictures you took from the beginning of the construction to accepting the keys at the completion of my home. I will always treasure my Chinese red cannister set. I'm privileged and thankful our paths have crossed because now I have a great friend and a very loyal and honest Realtor."
-Love and Best Wishes Always. God Bless you, Maxine Brock

"Natalie, thanks for everything, including your time and effort. It was a pleasure to be around such a fun person. Hope to see you around. P.S. Your jam was fantastic!"
-All the best, Marvin Brock

"Our agent went above and beyond the call of duty just to meet our schedule needs. She did her homework before we stepped foot in her office so that most of our time could be used looking at the homes we were interested in. As a result, in less than two weeks we found our dream home."
-The Salazars  

"I am writing this to compliment Natalie Sweeney on the excellent job she did guiding me through the home-buying process. Natalie's attention to detail, real estate expertise, and sweet personality made the process fly with the ease of buying a toaster. Her explanations and guidance helped me make informed decisions at each step we took. I am totally in love with my home, and I feel I have Natalie to thank for this. She deserves more than a letter of recommendation; she deserves a raise."
-Sharon L. Moran

"Natalie, With this little card we'd like to express our appreciation for all your great work! Thank you for dealing with everything like it was your own purchase. We wish you the best. We'll always keep in touch. Thank you for making a difference."
-Roman and Viveny Aceves

"Natalie, I appreciate so much what you are doing for my mom. You will never know how much. It's great that she can trust you to help her make good financial choices. I just want her some place safe and close to us. Thanks so, so much. I pray that you will be greatly blessed for your honesty and integrity."
-Shella Carlson

"Natalie, you really are an angel. You always go above and beyond for me."
-Love, Hugs and Kisses, Mama Cook

"Hi Natalie, We just wanted to say thank you for your work in our home buying process and for being available 24/7 for us. You've made this easy for us even though we were not able to be in the area. You have shown us your commitment and dedication on making our first home purchase as simple as possible. We are amazed at your prompt response and the whole deal happened with "0" flaws. We will highly recommend you to all who are interested in buying or selling in the market. Again, thank you."
-Ed and Joan McEntyre

"We are very happy with our experience in buying our new home. Natalie Sweeney was wonderful!"
-Pamela Maxwell

"Due to the nature of my profession I travel a good deal. Natalie always rose to the occasion to take care of the details for me. Because of her assistance, I purchased this house and would do so again. I will refer Natalie to everyone I come in contact with. Natalie is a real credit to your company. You are very lucky to have an associate of her caliber working at your office. Thank you Natalie for making this a great venture."
-Jana Critchfield

"Natalie Sweeney was very helpful and friendly, always returned calls or called when something arose. I would recommend Natalie to friends and colleagues."
-Rich and Cecily Browne

"Natalie has been a joy to work with, and extremely knowledgeable, professional, and above and beyond helpful. She is a sterling representative for your organization and indeed a great asset to you. Natalie's appearance and demeanor are always polished and impeccable, yet very warm and friendly. My husband and I are very grateful to have had her as our aide, guide, and consult throughout this experience."  
-Sincerely, Christine M. Stow

"We thank you for being a part of our lives as we took our first step in purchasing our home. We'll be sure to give you a call if we ever need anything in regard to homes, etc...Keep up the great work!!"
-The Vang Family

"Dear Natalie, Thank you so much for helping us find our home. Buying a home can be so scary, but you really made us feel comfortable. We appreciate ALL of the homes you showed us and for hanging in there with us. We will come your way when it is time for our next home!"  
-Love, Than and Leslie Neese

"Thank you for all your hard work! Thanks for all the late nights. We are really glad we got a chance to meet you!"
-Kevin and Aleesha McNear 

"When I first started looking for a house, I was looking in Porterville because that’s where I live and work. At one point in the search, however, I expanded my options and started looking at houses in the Tulare and Visalia areas with Natalie. Although ultimately I decided against purchasing a home in the Tulare/Visalia area and to resume my home search back here in Porterville, I didn't’t want to lose Natalie as my Realtor, as I had come to depend on her and trust her a great deal. I wanted this journey to be as pleasant and stress free as possible and I was certain that Natalie would make that happen to the best of her abilities. Natalie graciously agreed to continue the search with me in the Porterville area and thus began our journey…not to find the perfect home….but to find the perfect home for me. 

It wasn't’t long before Natalie found just that. I made an offer and it was accepted. It was a roller coaster ride going through home inspections, countless phone calls, emails, faxes, conditions, loan documents, funding, closing….you name it, we encountered it. If it weren't’t for Natalie, I can honestly say that I may have given up, but she was always available and more than willing to answer my questions, ease my nerves, go to bat for me, and push things through. Natalie’s work ethic and genuine care for her clients cannot be matched. I would highly recommend her to anyone either looking to buy or sell, as she will lighten your load and make your experience as pleasant and stress free as possible.  Thanks to Natalie, my children and I are enjoying our first real home together….we are so blessed and grateful beyond what words can express. 

Thank You Natalie, for getting me through every step of the way. You are a true professional, a genuine soul, and an inspiration. Not only did I gain a home…I gained a friend in you. You give meaning to that saying “It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice”. I truly believe that long-lived success in business and in life in general is reliant upon this belief and it is obvious that these are words you live by."
-Melinda Hoffmann

"We were very happy with the experience we had with Natalie. We referred her to our friends."
-Andrew and Lorene Simon

"Dear Natalie, Thank you again for making our purchase a smooth transaction - you certainly have a knack for real estate - your enthusiasm, generosity, and caring ways make you "one of a kind." We're hoping you'll join us for tea or coffee on our new porch in the not too distant future." 
-Pete and Erin Sheaff

"Dear Natalie, What a surprise to find an elegantly wrapped gift waiting us at P.J. and Erin's home. How absolutely charming is the country welcome bell. We had never seen anything like it, and it will be such a lovely addition to our country decor. And, of course, it will be a reminder of our sweet, hard-working Realtor. Thank you for all you've done for us. We love our Mehrten Creek property!!"
-Fondly, Anne and Joe Sheaff

"Natalie, We want to thank you from the bottom of our full hearts. We appreciate you so much. Thank you for going the extra mile for us to help us get the home of our heart. We are so happy and completely satisfied with working with you. We would recommend you in a heartbeat!"
-Our admiration and love, Freddy and Irene Lisowski


Natalie received 100% Customer Satisfaction Ratings of "Excellent," the highest possible rating, from every one of her home buyers while at Centex Homes - as surveyed by The Walker Group, a national independent survey company.


"Natalie has an eye for detail and every detail counts! She was on top of every detail of our home sale and purchase of our new home. She was in constant contact with us and helped to make the transactions as easy as possible. She gave us tips on how to prepare our home in order to sell it quickly and they worked...sold in 3 days!! Natalie always listened to our wants and needs so that she could match us perfectly with our new home. She is so energetic and friendly. She became part of our family in just a short time. Our 3 year old son even asked if she would tuck him into bed one night. He loves Natalie for her sweet treats and high-fives! Thanks for everything!!"
-David & Andrea McCullough

"The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Natalie is what a wonderful person she is. She is a business woman who is full of honesty and integrity. She assisted us in the sale of our house knowing we were on a tight time line and I was on edge. She quickly calmed my nerves when I saw how well she knew her job and how kind and patient she is. I had total and complete trust in Natalie and she did not let us down. She was able to sell our home in a quickly declining market in a short amount of time. We could not have been more pleased. We are now in our dream home because of her. She has recently assisted my daughter in the purchase of a new home during a not so ideal situation and she did it with ease, taking a tremendous amount of stress off my daughter. Thank you Natalie!!!"
-Joel and Tanya Castro

"Natalie, I really can't express my appreciation enough - you truly are in a class above the rest. You know your job and you do it very, very well. Thank you for everything - it has been a pleasure getting to know you!"
-Sincerely yours, Tina Brazil

"Natalie was very patient with us when buying a new home, and selling ours. Both the buying, and the selling happened very fast for us and Natalie worked hard to see everything through."
-Gene and Tracy Ferrero

"Let me start by saying that when I was given the responsibility of taking care of my Grandmother's house. I was feeling overwhelmed to say the least. My main concern was to do the right thing for her and after just one phone conversation with you, all my worries went away! You were so patient, honest and helpful with all of the steps of this deal. I had heard of other people having such a difficult time with trying to sell their house that I wasn't really sure what to expect but I can say now that if those people would have had you for their agent they would be as happy as I am! You made me wish I had ten more homes to sell! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did and for making this process go so smoothly. I said it before and I will say it again...You Rock Natalie!!!!!
-Bruce Wager

Dear Natalie, Thank you again for the nice couple (buyers) who will enjoy my home, berries and vegetables. You're a very special lady. Thank you. Congratulations on your award. You deserve it. You're a wonderful person. I spent three hours picking red and yellow raspberries and blueberries this morning. If we were nearer I'd surely share them with you. Wishing you lots of luck selling houses. May God Bless you."
-Love, Mae Almond

"Natalie is very knowledgeable in her field. We felt very comfortable with her."
-Ruben and Lydia Ortega

"Thank you for so, so, so much Natalie. You made this very easy. Thanks again and I hope all is well."
-The Fay Family

"We were very happy with the experience we had with our agent. We referred her to our friends."
-Andrew and Lorene Simon 


"Natalie did an excellent job with my purchase. She was very easy to work with and kept me well informed at all times during the process. She worked very hard to get the deal done as soon as possible."
-Thomas Anker

"Dear Natalie, PJ and Erin were in Santa Maria the weekend before Thanksgiving and delivered your most thoughtful gift. The wheelbarrow filled with pumpkins, berries, and flowers in fall shades made a perfect picture in our entryway. We removed it only yesterday to replace it with Santa Claus in a sleigh. Thank you so much for choosing such a charming piece for us. Joe and I heartily agree that you were, and are, a diligent and hard-working Realtor who helped us immensely. Thank you again."
-Anne and Joe Sheaff

"Dear Natalie, We both want to thank you for the vase. It was nice of you. Thanks for all your help. We appreciate all that you've done for us. Thank you so much."
-Mey and San Saetern


"I have come to know Natalie Sweeney through our business together. I have the greatest confidence in her as a professional REALTOR®. Her technical skills are polished and she is very detail oriented. As her broker I have never had a complaint from an unhappy client.

In addition I value her as a trusted friend. Her honesty, values and integrity were the reason I recently asked her to assist my pastor in the purchase of a new home. She is patient and earns the trust of buyers and sellers very quickly. She works well with other REALTORS® and consistently places among the top producers in our office. Natalie genuinely cares for people and works tirelessly to meet their needs."
-Ed Evans, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Visalia, Visalia, CA

"When it comes to referring out clients, it is makes me nervous. How do you find an agent with the same work ethics and values that you have for yourself? Always doing a phone interview helps tremendously but not all agents walk the walk even though they talk the talk! That’s why I am so pleased to give Natalie Sweeney a big thumbs up! She received my referral one day, showed the clients houses in two days and had them in escrow within a week. The clients called to thank me for their “new” agent on the first day they met her. She obviously made a great impression on them. Escrow closed in less than 30 days and I must say Natalie is everything I had hoped for in an agent. The best way I can say this is WOW! I wish all my referrals went that well. Thank you Natalie for a job well done!"
-Jeremy Curnow of Team Jack & Diana, RE/MAX Tehachapi, Inc., Tehachapi, CA 

"Some of my clients were moving up north to Visalia, and I referred them to Natalie. I called Natalie on a Tuesday, and by Saturday my clients had found their new home. They closed their deal in 22 days, and it was such a smooth transaction. My clients thanked me for introducing them to Natalie because she was very professional and negotiated a great deal for them. It makes me feel good to have an outstanding resource in Visalia for future business. Thanks for all your help, Natalie. You did a great job!"
-Wendell Thompson, RE/MAX Gold Coast, Ventura, CA

"Dear Natalie, I am glad I chose you as the agent to help my clients, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, in the sale of their home in the Visalia area. Your attention and performance was astounding and "pain free." You showed efficiency and effectiveness as a real estate agent, which represents your experience, interest, and professionalism. Thank you for providing Mr. and Mrs. Brown and I with positive follow ups, returning the phone calls, and explaining every document. I am sure to refer you with more clients for the Visalia area. Your superior service and knowledge of the Real Estate market made the experience of selling their home a smooth transaction from start to finish. I am happy with the choice of having you represent the Brown family. Thank you again.
-Sincerely, Vicky De La Cruz, RE/MAX Online, Downey, CA

“Natalie Sweeney has brought many prospects and clients to our company throughout the years. And time after time, she proves why her clients seek her assistance. She exudes a natural ability to connect with her clients, her associates and everyone who comes into contact with her. She has a tremendous knack for exceeding expectations. Natalie is one of the few people that actually gives 110% to everyone she works with by going well above and beyond. It is always evident how much her clients appreciate and rely on her experience and professionalism. I am always confident recommending Natalie to my clients when they are in need of someone to assist them in selling their home.”
-Victor Corral, New Home Sales Representative, Ennis Homes

"I have performed inspections for many of Natalie's home buyers over the last several years. After having seen her work with clients and other people involved in the real estate transaction, I can honestly say she is one of the most courteous, hard working and knowledgeable agents I have ever met, and the consummate professional."
-Joe Hugenroth, Home Inspector

"Natalie is a professional you can trust. I have worked with Natalie for approximately six years and it is "all about her customers." Natalie exhausts all avenues to make sure that her customers are given what is best for them. I know that our customers are in good hands!"
-Maria Valladares, Senior Loan Officer - CMPS Certified, Country Club Mortgage

"What I like best about working with Natalie is that she is all about the details! She is proactive on her transactions. You can be sure she always has her clients well informed."
-Sandra Wheeler, Manager, Country Club Mortgage

The greatest honor I have ever received is that from my clients - their business, their
appreciation, repeat business, and referrals. I am blessed with wonderful people - I have
the best clients in the world and that surpasses any award I can receive or hang on my wall!

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