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Testimonies from Sellers
Natalie's Sellers Say It Best

"Natalie has an eye for detail and every detail counts! She was on top of every detail of our home sale and purchase of our new home. She was in constant contact with us and helped to make the transactions as easy as possible. She gave us tips on how to prepare our home in order to sell it quickly and they worked...sold in 3 days!! Natalie always listened to our wants and needs so that she could match us perfectly with our new home. She is so energetic and friendly. She became part of our family in just a short time. Our 3 year old son even asked if she would tuck him into bed one night. He loves Natalie for her sweet treats and high-fives! Thanks for everything!!"
-David & Andrea McCullough

"The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Natalie is what a wonderful person she is. She is a business woman who is full of honesty and integrity. She assisted us in the sale of our house knowing we were on a tight time line and I was on edge. She quickly calmed my nerves when I saw how well she knew her job and how kind and patient she is. I had total and complete trust in Natalie and she did not let us down. She was able to sell our home in a quickly declining market in a short amount of time. We could not have been more pleased. We are now in our dream home because of her. She has recently assisted my daughter in the purchase of a new home during a not so ideal situation and she did it with ease, taking a tremendous amount of stress off my daughter. Thank you Natalie!!!"
-Joel and Tanya Castro

"Natalie, I really can't express my appreciation enough - you truly are in a class above the rest. You know your job and you do it very, very well. Thank you for everything - it has been a pleasure getting to know you!"
-Sincerely yours, Tina Brazil

"Natalie was very patient with us when buying a new home, and selling ours. Both the buying, and the selling happened very fast for us and Natalie worked hard to see everything through."
-Gene and Tracy Ferrero 

"Let me start by saying that when I was given the responsibility of taking care of my Grandmother's house. I was feeling overwhelmed to say the least. My main concern was to do the right thing for her and after just one phone conversation with you, all my worries went away! You were so patient, honest and helpful with all of the steps of this deal. I had heard of other people having such a difficult time with trying to sell their house that I wasn't really sure what to expect but I can say now that if those people would have had you for their agent they would be as happy as I am! You made me wish I had ten more homes to sell! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did and for making this process go so smoothly. I said it before and I will say it again...You Rock Natalie!!!!!
-Bruce Wager

Dear Natalie, Thank you again for the nice couple (buyers) that will enjoy my home, berries and vegetables. You're a very special lady. Thank you. Congratulations on your award. You deserve it. You're a wonderful person. I spent three hours picking red and yellow raspberries and blueberries this morning. If we were nearer I'd surely share them with you. Wishing you lots of luck selling houses. May God Bless you."
-Love, Mae Almond

"Natalie is very knowledgeable in her field. We felt very comfortable with her."
-Ruben and Lydia Ortega

"Thank you for so, so, so much Natalie. You made this very easy. Thanks again and I hope all is well."
-The Fay Family

"We were very happy with the experience we had with our agent. We referred her to our friends."
-Andrew and Lorene Simon 

The greatest honor I have ever received is that from my clients - their business, their
appreciation, repeat business, and referrals. I am blessed with wonderful people - I have
the best clients in the world and that surpasses any award I can receive or hang on my wall!

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